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From the recording Fear

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A song that Joel wrote on a bus on the way to a marching band competition, when he thought he was about to break up with his high school girlfriend. Did he? No. He drug that shit out for another 8 months.


Well, hard times are coming, and they're coming fast
But these are lessons that are better learned, in one's past
I know I've been lazy, but I'm paying my dues

I said hey
I said oh
Now I said hey
Now I said oh

Oh sweet Jesus, won't ya, show me what to do
Because I'm ready, but I\m not ready to come to you

Not yet, not yet, hey not yet

Well, I got a woman
She, she's sweet as can be
But I'm not the man, no I'm not the man
That she needs me to be
But I'm trying hard, both, both night and day
To show her, that I'm the one with whom she can stay

Now I said hey
Now I said oh
Now I said hey
Now I said oh

I'm giving her that, trust
I'm giving her that, sweet satisfaction
For if I don't, you know I just can't cope
With the next bus station

But not yet, not yet, hey not yet

I'm going down, going down now, but I ain't hit bottom yet
And I know I'm not the best, that I can get
Let me tell you something, I'm prepared to bleed
And I'm down, down on my knees Lord