Tired. Patience. Urges. A bomb of love that’s waiting to explode. That’s what DRAWING BLANKS is all about. That surge of climax and the fandom for the journey in between – all for that love that awaits at the end of the tunnel. ‘That’s All’ is fabulous to feel sexy around. Yep you heard us, we feel sexy. And when this song’s playing, we don’t care what you say. Heck yea! Oh, and dig that solo bits for each instrument. Classic, indeed.”

Come Here Floyd

I’m afraid all professionalism flies out of the window when I’m fronted with a track as sensuously soulful as Blood on My Hands; the latest single from the Funk-addled Alt Rock collective Drawing Blanks.”

— Amelia Vandergast, A&R Factory

We like guitar solos, we like the hoarse voices, we like Drawing Blanks... The sound of these guys is powerful. It is good, there is a rage. There is all the strength of rock summarized in 3 minute tracks. Dear reader, it's time to throw your beer or coffee...”

— Charles Chinasky, anotherwhiskeyformisterbukowski

Drawing Blanks bring interesting and dynamic guitars, unique and alluring vocals, and as tight a rhythm section as any band could hope to have.”

— Darryl Driskill, Shindigmusic


Drawing Blanks is a four-piece, blues-based, alternative rock band that formed in Fayetteville, Arkansas in 2015, and has been playing and headlining the region ever since.

 Drawing Blanks consists of Spencer Hill (Drums), Sawyer Hill (Rhythm guitar, Vocals), Joel Robertson (Lead guitar, Vocals), and Jared Guinn (Bass). DB, as it exists today, started in March of 2016 with Sawyer's older brother Spencer taking over on the trap set. From then on, DB launched into a new era of rhythmic unity and stylistic groove that would shape the band into the stalwart troubadours they are today.