Drawing Blanks is a four-piece, blues-based, alternative rock band that formed in Fayetteville, Arkansas in 2015, and has been playing and headlining the region ever since. 

“The sound of these guys is powerful... There is all the strength of the rock synthesized in to 3 minute tracks” - Charles Chinasky, AnotherWhiskyForMisterBukowski. 

“The six tracks that encompass this EP is exactly the shot of adrenaline that the rock music world needs. If you're a rock fan, you need this EP right now.” - From The Depths Entertainment referring to the Fear EP 

"Drawing Blanks bring interesting and dynamic guitars, unique and alluring vocals, and as tight a rhythm section as any band could hope to have." - Darryl Driskill, Shindigmusic 

"I’m afraid all professionalism flies out of the window when I’m fronted with a track as sensuously soulful as Blood on My Hands; the latest single from the Funk-addled Alt Rock collective Drawing Blanks." - Amelia Vandergast, A&R Factory

Drawing Blanks consists of Joel Robertson (Lead guitar, Vocals), Sawyer Hill (Rhythm guitar, Vocals), Jared Guinn (Bass), and Leandro Walter (Drums).